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Adhering to the high quality requirements and the humane design concept, Libresse has been dedicated to fit the upgrading physical and mental demands of women since its birth in the 1940s. Today, Libresse has grown into a global brand. Its products are sold in 101 countries and regions, trusted by over 200 million female consumers and lead the market trend in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.

As an advocate of female spirit in the new era, Libresse encourages women to break taboos and pursue themselves bravely, and brings positive influence to women's life with the brand spirit “live fearless”. Relying on the unique patented technology, the certified safe material and the rigorous scientific research achievements of the European Union famine care research center, Libresse provides perfect fit and comfortable experience for women during their periods, so that women can make the best of themselves every day.


Libresse薇尔 V-comfort series

Libresse薇尔 V-comfort series
● V-shape, fits better
● V-shape, the V shape and the thin waist shape, won’t be deformed,3D shape fit the female v-zone truly, redefine comfortable
● V-fitting, dynamic curve to fit you and stay it’s place;based on thousands of groups of female curve data, original curve fitting patent * technology 
● V-touch, silky topsheet, more delicate; skin-friendly topsheet made for women, always care their delicate skin

(*European Patent No. EP1395218;Chinese Patent No. ZL02808532.9)

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